Family + Baby Pics

YOU GUYS. Harlan is going to be 8 weeks old tomorrow… Two months on Sunday. And I’m going back to work on Monday. How did this happen so fast? I know everyone said it flies by, but please tell me it slows down just a little bit at some point, because this. is. insane.

Anyway, this past weekend, Kreig’s cousin Kim came over and took some pictures of us and I am obsessed with so many of them. She does photography on the side, and also happens to be our neighbor. She did such a fantastic job. I see many more photo shoots in our future! I thought you might like to see some of my favorites…

First here are the precious ones that just make me want to freeze time, lock these two in the house and hug them all day.


20140326-104254.jpg  20140326-104311.jpg20140326-104336.jpg  20140326-104415.jpg20140326-104525.jpg

20140326-104543.jpg  20140326-104553.jpg20140326-104821.jpg

20140326-104903.jpg 20140326-105029.jpg20140326-105043.jpg  20140326-105127.jpg20140326-105210.jpg

And this one is ridiculous but it’s just such an accurate illustration of my life at any given moment.  Harlan and I are having a sweet little moment and my crazy husband is photo-bombing.  You can’t see it in the pic, but Kreig is totally giving our infant bunny ears… yes yes, this is my life.


We also did some fun and hilarious ones.  And I’ll just go ahead and say what I know you’ll be thinking in roughly 5 seconds.  This poor kid.


Obviously we needed some of Harlan with Kreig’s racing paraphernalia.


And of course he LOVED chillin’ in a racecar tire.  Like we might say screw the crib and just use a tire instead. He sat there for a good twenty minutes and at one point was just smiling like crazy.


I love that he’s giving a peace sign in this one.  We didn’t even realize it until we looked through the pictures… perfect.


Kreig found this old vegetable drawer out of his great-grandfather’s fridge (Harlan’s great-great-grandpa Harlan) and thought it would be great to put Harlan in it with some veggies.  I’m not sure if it’s adorable or just really weird???


Kreig also thought it would be brilliant to do one on a big tube, like he was ready to go boating, but he wasn’t really having it and the sunglasses wouldn’t stay on.. still cute though!


And then there’s his intellectual side…

20140326-105412.jpg 20140326-105543.jpg

Later that day Kim came back over to get some 5 generations shots while Kreig’s family was at our house.  I don’t want to put their faces online without everyone’s permission, but here’s one of all of them holding Harlan…


And five generations of hands… Harlan’s hand is obviously on top, then his great-great grandma, his great grandma, his grandpa, and daddy.  I think it’s so cool that there are five generations to take this picture with… what a lucky little baby.


So there’s my favorites.  I just have to decide which ones to frame and how big and where to put them… future project?  I’ll get around to it someday… but now I’m off to cuddle my little man non-stop until 7:30 Monday morning!


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