DIY Side Table (Using Footstools!)

I realized the other day that while there aren’t a lot of new projects happening right now, I have been hoarding some tutorials for stuff in H’s nursery.  Here’s how I made the table next to the glider using two clearance footstools.

DIY Side Table


The very day that we found out Harlan was a boy, I demanded that we stop at Target to buy some little baby boy clothes and shoes, and look around for some nursery inspiration.  I had a navy and green color scheme in mind, and when I found a bunch of navy and green items on clearance I took it as a clear sign from the Big Guy that this was the color scheme my baby was asking for.  Because obviously God has nothing better to do than to speak to pregnant chicks about their design choices.

These little outdoor footstool/ottoman things were on clearance for $9.98 a piece, and while I had no clue what I would use them for, I knew I had to have them.



They sat in a closet for a while, and at some point I realized they would make a perfect side table to sit by the glider.  All I needed was a top, which came in the form of this round “Ponderosa Panel” from Lowes.

IMG_2474I painted the wood round the same navy that I used for Little H’s dresser and screwed it to one footstool, where the padded top was originally screwed on.


I agonized for a while over how to attach the other footstool to the bottom, but after waddling through several stores trying to figure out something cheap that would kind of blend in, we decided on just using little clear zip ties to fasten the two frames together. (You know you’re married to a raecar driver when zip ties are an integral element of your home decor!)  We used them in each corner.

IMG_2504I considered painting the zip ties green, but you really don’t notice them at all, so I never even bothered.  So there ya go… a couple footstools, a round tabletop, plus some screws and zip ties… and we have a perfect little side table for our little guy.


I love that it doesn’t take up much floor space, and I like that the bottom is open since it’s right in front of the curtain panel.  And I always love projects that use items differently than they were originally intended… I’ve also seen people use garbage cans, stools, baskets and trays to make cute little tables.  When you’re both picky and cheap like me, it’s always smart to think outside the box! ;-)



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