Ziploc Baggy Topper Labels … AKA: How to Make Ziploc Baggies Look Legit


Happy Love Day!

Ziploc Baggy Topper Labels

Misplaced motivation. Ever happen to anyone else? I had a million things I should have been doing on Monday night…. I started a class, so I could have been starting the reading/assignments. My house was kind of a mess. I had two unfinished DIY projects sitting on my island. Instead of doing any of that, I made these. The best part was that Kreig was working on his racecar, and when he came in and I told him about my misplaced motivation, he said “story of my life” and showed me a picture of a nameplate that he made for the top of his rollcage. I told him it looked great , and that I didn’t know it was legal to have those in his class… turns out it’s not. He just did it for fun, because he thought it looked cool. Even though he totally can’t use it at all. See, we are meant to be Valentines with all of our misplaced motivation!

Anyway, onto the treats! Every other Tuesday, I hold “Appy Hour” after school. (AKA iPad meetings… get it? I know, I’m a dork.) Sometimes I bake stuff to bring in (1) because I need an afternoon snack or I get cray-cray and (2) to just thank people for coming after their work day and make being there a little more enjoyable. Everyone’s happier when they’re eating sweets, right? So this week, I thought a Valentine’s Day treat would be appropriate… I really wanted to make Cassie’s Linzer Cookies but I realized this weekend that I don’t have any heart-shaped cookie cutters. I have every shape of Christmas, Holloween, St. Patrick’s Day, and Easter cookie cutters you can image, but no hearts. I feel like that says something bad about me. What kind of a person has a cookie cutter shaped like a tombstone, but no heart? Seems like a sin. Nevertheless, my lack of cookie cutters led me to do a search for “Valentine” on Cookies and Cups (which is the best baking blog EVER) and I found this popcorn. I knew it would be a perfect little treat.

So I went to the grocery store after work on Monday to get what I needed to make the popcorn, and I really wanted to get some cute little bags with cute little twist ties that I could attach a recipe to. However, Price Chopper didn’t have any, and I was just ready to go home. Whatever, I thought, I would just put them in sandwich bags. So I made the popcorn (it’s delicious by the way), and bagged it up. And they weren’t lookin’ so hot. So then I got brainstorming about how I could attach recipe cards to Ziploc baggies and I got the best idea ever. (Have I already said that very phrase like 40 times on this blog?) I’m sure tons of people have thought of this before, but I felt like Einstein for a minute. I would print the recipe on card stock and attach it to the top of the bag!

So I measured the width of my sandwich baggies (6.5 inches) and cut card stock into 6.5 x 5 in. pieces. To figure out the height, I just played around with some paper to see what looked good, and 2.5 inches looked good, so I doubled that to get my 5 inch height. Rocket science — be careful. Then I used to make the printable. Microsoft Word would be faster to do this with, but I like to make things more complicated for myself the fun fonts on Pic Monkey, so I used that. Here’s what my picture file looked like:

I printed my image on the card stock, then folded each piece in half to make a little tent.


Then I just popped some double sided tape on both sides of the card stock.


And pressed it onto the baggy, covering the zipper part.


Then you just press the other side of the label down onto the bag, and BOOM. Instant awesomeness.

Ziploc Baggy Topper Labels

Don’t they look totally legit? Here’s the back:


The zipper part actually showed a tiny bit if you look really closely, so you might want to learn from my mistake, and cut the card stock a teeny bit wider than the baggy itself. My mind is now swirling, and I want to put everything I ever give to anyone in ziploc baggies. I also want to cover popcorn in everything that melts!

I’m linking up with Katie for her Lovely Crafts Linky Party!

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6 thoughts on “Ziploc Baggy Topper Labels … AKA: How to Make Ziploc Baggies Look Legit

  1. Monique says:

    Love this idea Rachel! Cannot wait to try popcorn with chocolate and cake!!! Sounds like a win-win to me.

  2. Aunt Mame says:

    Yummo Rachel! Wish I was in your class. I have done tge toppers many times but never thought of including the recipe…brilliant! The teachers at your school better LOVE you…you are precious bringing snacks!

  3. harlie says:

    Excellent idea! I always want to use the ziplocks we have to give out food gifts because it’s the best seal, but it always looks like I didn’t try (even if it was a really great recipe). Now I know how to dress it up and make it look like what it is: a real gift with thought behind it :)

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