Magnetic Makeup Organizers (Pinterest Challenge)

Magnetic Makeup Organizers

When I pinned this magnetic makeup organizer a few weeks ago, I almost immediately received a text from my crafty friend Erin…



Doesn’t this conversation just prove how dorky we are with all the exclamation points and excitement over a project?!

A few days later, we helped Erin move into a new apartment and I pointed out that her new bathroom also had a perfect place for one of these magnetic organizers right next to her mirror. Yay! We couldn’t wait to make them!

So then, last week, Sherry and Katie announced the Pinterest Challenge. Basically, it’s a link party where everyone gets off their butts and actually makes something that they have pinned, and then comes together to share what they did. I knew I wanted to make one of these babies for this challenge way before it was announced… so I was super excited when I saw the announcements on Young House Love and Bower Power last week.

When I went back to my pin to see how to make the organizer, I was really disappointed to find that it wasn’t actually linked to the original blog, it just took me to the picture file. (If anyone knows the original source, I’d love to link to it so let me know if you can find it!) I did some searching and also found this pin to another magnetic makeup organizer from Laura Thoughts:

14-03-2011 018

We actually ended up liking this one better anyway, because it used a fabric backing instead of paint.

I stayed with my parents for a few days right after the Pinterest Challenge announcement, and I dug through old stuff in their house to find some frames. Sure enough I found four awesomely hideous pictures in good-sized frames. Here’s the two we used:


Is anyone else dying over the fact that these were ever hanging in my mom’s house? To be fair, I don’t remember the rabbit one, it might have been in one of my sisters’ rooms… but that lady was totally right in the living room with all of the other ornate Victorian pictures and wallpaper… and lots of golden cherubs. You were totally peer pressured into it, Mom. Thank God you don’t keep hairdressers long enough to let them decorate your house anymore! :-)

Okay, back to the project… so we got the glass and “art” out of these frames and painted them. Erin painted the pink bunny frame black, and I painted the black/brass frame white.

We were both planning on using fabric to cover the sheet metal, but I couldn’t find any that I liked. I did however, find perfect wrapping paper at Wal-Mart, so I used this cute wrapping paper instead of fabric


Erin found this fun leopard-print fabric at Wal-Mart for hers.


So my awesomely awesome husband cut out steel sheet metal to the sizes that we needed. (I can’t find a link to the sheet metal online, but we got it at Lowe’s… each 24″ x 24″ piece was $10-something… just make sure it is STEEL, not aluminum — magnets don’t stick to aluminum!)

Then we just cut our paper/fabric a couple inches (on each side) larger than our sheet metal. We cut corners out of the excess so we wouldn’t end up with any bulgeyness. Yes, that is a word. Here’s my paper:


And Erin’s fabric:


Then we took our sheet metal outside and sprayed one side with adhesive spray. We brought our sheet metal back in and stuck it to our paper/fabric, being super careful — especially with my paper — not to get wrinkles.

Then we wrapped the excess paper/fabric around the back of the sheet metal. We used roll-on border adhesive for this since it didn’t matter if the back was wet-ish and wrinkly, and this way we didn’t have to go back outside in the cold. :-)



Erin’s frame had a sturdy backing that screwed into the frame and held her sheet metal in, and mine had staples that bent down to hold mine in, but I threw some duct tape over the staples just to be safe.


Here are the frames all ready for makeup!



So then we hot glued little round magnets to the back of our makeup. Some of the magnets we bought already had adhesive, but I figured that hot glue was the way to go because it will make it easy to remove the magnets once the makeup runs out, and we can just reuse the same magnets on new makeup.


So I hung it up and arranged my makeup all over it. For the cup of mascara and eyeliner, I used 5 round magnets, and so far it’s staying up! (See my little containers of homemade lip gloss? I use it multiple times a day!)


I also added a couple of Command hooks below it, with some little buckets for makeup brushes and Q-Tips. The cute little buckets are from Target’s Dollar Spot… one of my favorite places.


Here’s Erin’s hung in her bathroom.

Photo Feb 26, 8 30 41 PM

Doesn’t it look great with the black tile?!

Photo Feb 26, 8 30 58 PM

So far, we’re both loving our organizers! I previously had all my makeup on a tiered server (I think it’s meant for cupcakes), so I love not having stuff cluttering up my vanity counter anymore!

Magnetic Makeup Organizers

What do you think? How do you organize your makeup? Are you lucky enough to have a Pinterest partner who gets just as excited about projects as you?

Make sure you check out all the other Pinterest Challenge projects at Young House Love, Bower Power, The Remodeled Life and Decor & The Dog!

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14 thoughts on “Magnetic Makeup Organizers (Pinterest Challenge)

  1. Sally says:

    OMG, I love it Rachel. If I give you the money please, please make me one. Only kiddin. I can’t wait to see it in person. After all the stuff was purchased, how long did it take to make it. It is fabulous just fabulous ……..

  2. Jane says:

    Love it! Keeps all the stuff off the counters and looks really pretty and organised. Great job!

  3. melissabix says:

    these are way cute :) like framed makeup!!! awesome job!

  4. What a clever project! So functional and it looks great!

  5. Must Have Boxes says:

    Super creative!

    – KW

  6. Dory says:

    I LOOOOVE these! Do you find that there are some issues with the makeup separating?

    • Thanks!

      What do you mean by separating?

      The only issue I had is I hit the little cup (with my mascara and eyeliner in it) with my arm, and when it hit the floor all of the magnets fell off…. other than that it works great!

  7. Julie says:

    I used to sell cosmetics and i would use a black marker board and add magnets to back of the individual eye shadow and blush colors and stick them on the marker board. Really easy – purchased black marker board and white marker at Target very inexpensively. Seeing this as we redo our bath room, i think i will take some of the new wallpaper and a large antique frame and make one of these. Great ideas

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