Bathroom Business

Remember our ugly green spare bathroom that I hate?


Yup, that one. The one that had a bare screw just hanging out behind the door for 6 months because I stole the mirror for a project. The one that felt like a cave…. A pea green cave. The color was True Value’s “Green Bean,” which totally added to my hatred for the color. Hate green beans. Ick.


If you’re wondering how I could have a brand new house with a bathroom I hate, here’s the deal… Kreig picked the color and it really looked better on the swatch. I thought it would be nice with black and white. It was originally intended to be one of the spare room colors, and the dark purple would be the bathroom. At the last minute, though we switched them because we thought the purple would be too dark for the bathroom. Well, turns out the purple is too dark for the bedroom, and this green was too dark for the bathroom. Lose-lose. Since we had already bought the wood vanity, I thought I had to make it work with brown, which is why I bought the tan and brown shower curtain and spray painted the picture frame and mirrors brown. I never really liked that little grouping either. I like the canvas, but I’m not that into the mirrors. And everything was hung really high.

Are you noticing that I’m complaining in past tense? Yeah, that’s right. I finally gave it a little makeover this weekend, and man I wish I did it a long time ago! It was such a quick job with seriously awesome results!

I told myself that I wasn’t going to stress or hurry with this little makeover. No pressure. I took everything down from the walls last Thursday night and filled all of my screw/nail holes. That took all of ten minutes. When I got home from work Friday, I gave all my nail holes a quick sand, and refilled a couple of the bad ones from the wonky towel bar.


Saturday morning, I got up around 8:30 and got right to work. I sanded my freshly filled holes, wiped down the walls and trim with a damp rag, and started painting. I used paint that I had leftover from two years ago when I painted my nephew’s room, so it was free for this project. I actually got it at Wal-Mart. (It is Color Palace brand in Satin finish, but I don’t know what the color is called.) It’s a really nice greige… and sometimes looks a little on the green side…. but not in a green bean way. ;-)

Usually we paint as a team — I cut in and Kreig rolls…. But I wanted to let him sleep in, so I did it all myself. It felt like it took forever because I had to switch back and forth between cutting in and rolling (and there was a looottt of cutting in!) but I was surprised that I was still done by 10:15… And hour and forty-five minutes… not bad. Here it is drying.


I covered my paint supplies and ran some errands while my first coat dried. I came home a few hours later to find that the paint dried so even that it really didn’t need a second coat. And that’s not just me being lazy, I swear. It was perfectly even without a speck of the green showing through. Every time I paint a room, as it dries I say things like “hmmm maybe we can get away with one coat!” or “man, this looks pretty good, maybe the second coat can just be touch ups!” But I always always end up doing a second coat. Just when I finally convince myself that one-coat coverage simply doesn’t exist, I find out it does. I waited for Kreig to get home and give me the thumbs up just to make sure I wasn’t subconsciously trying to avoid painting more, and he agreed that it looked great. Thank you very much, two-year-old Wal-Mart paint!


As soon as Kreig gave me the thumbs up, I got right to work hanging the mirror back up, along with a new whiter, brighter, classier shower curtain. I bought the curtain a couple months ago at Target. Now, I can’t find it online to give you a link, but I think it was on clearance so it may not be available any more. I think it was $15 or $20, but don’t quote me on it.


I knew I didn’t want to hang the medicine cabinet back up… It always felt a little heavy to me. All I could ever think of to describe it was “builder basic” or “contractor grade” but I always hated those phrases! There’s nothing basic about builders/contractors! Don’t blame design mistakes on them! Aaaaannnyway, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to hang in its place. I wrestled between art, floating shelves, and baskets.

I have always loved Carmel’s window box bathroom storage, so I looked for some window boxes to use and came up empty-handed. I was ready to leave the wall empty for a while and just wait for something perfect down the road. I really wasn’t trying to make this a super quick makeover… I thought it would kind of evolve over time and I wasn’t worried about it. I really just wanted the green gone. Then I went to Target, and accidentally found these cute little baskets on sale for $8.99. And there just happened to be exactly three left.


I snatched them up without any real plan for attaching them to the wall. I tried some different hooks but they weren’t working, so I figured I would just try nailing them to the wall… And it worked. I simply found the stud, which was close to the center of my baskets, and made sure I started with a nail there. With my first nail in, I then leveled the basket and added nails to the left and right (2 high and two low on each side) and then one more in the stud just to be extra safe. I just drove the nails right through the wicker. I may have gone a little overboard, but I don’t want a basket falling on someone’s head while they’re doing their business, ya know?


The top holds medicine, middle holds band-aids and other first aid stuff and the bottom holds extra toilet paper… Because having to yell for someone to bring you toilet paper might be the worse thing that can happen to you while you’re in the bathroom… Well, maybe it’s second to a basket falling on your head. Either way, with six nails and three extra rolls, I think we’re safe from either.


I wasn’t sure what would end up on the other wall, but I decided I like the canvas that was originally up there (it’s from Lowe’s), so I hung it back up, lower this time. Don’t you hate how people say to hang art at “eye level”?! Umm, what exactly does that mean? My eye level is different than most people’s so I totally overcompensated and now a lot of stuff in my house looks oddly high. Anyway, the canvas looks better now, but a little lonely. There is actually another piece at Lowe’s that goes with it, so I might end up adding that to this wall. This guy is just hung with a couple Command strips so it won’t be a big deal to move him over if I decide to adopt his brother.


I bet you’re dying for some before/after shots, right? Here ya go.

Bathroom Before After

Ahhhh! Is it weird that I want to hang out in here?

Bathroom Vanity Before After

Not only was this makeover super quick (I had everything looking just like you see in the photos by Saturday afternoon — I could totally be on HGTV at that pace, Dad!) but it was really cheap since I already had the paint. The only thing I spent was around $27 on the baskets and $15-$20 on the shower curtain.

Anyone else goin’ neutral? Hanging baskets on walls? Hanging out in the bathroom?

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16 thoughts on “Bathroom Business

  1. Sally says:

    Oh Rachel the bathroom looks fabulous. I just love it. My upstairs bathroom is that color and I would never change it ever. You are so talented….. Can’t wait until the next makeover . And yes folks, her poppy chicken is delicious. I’ve had it and made it (really easy). Yum, yum……

  2. […] There has been an empty space between our sliding glass door and the adjacent windows for a while now.  I hung a little Christmas card display there back in November and ever since it’s been gone, the little corner looks so empty to me.  Oh, and I left a nail hanging there.  Man, I have a really bad habit of that! […]

  3. Red says:

    I’m going to come over more now just so I can hang out in your pretty bathroom! Seriously though, it looks super nice.

  4. homelifeandbeyond says:

    It looks SOOO sophisticated and beautiful! Kudos on your makeover. I love the new palette it looks like a spa :)

    Hugs from Argentina. Julia

  5. […] and speaking of this bathroom, I was so excited when I saw my wall-mounted baskets featured on iHeart Organizing, hands down one of my favorite blogs in the world… check it out […]

  6. Tori says:

    Super cute! I think I want to do just 1 basket above our toilet in our spare room… the towel rod is right above the toilet but I need a little more counter room. I think those are the PERFECT size!

  7. You said you took down the “wonky towel bar”, but what did you put up in its place? I don’t see a place to hang your towel while you take a nice relaxing bath in the new spa-like retreat. It takes some real flexibility to hold a dry towel and wash your hair at the same time. :)

  8. Linda says:

    Very nice. Love the hanging basket idea. Something I’m going to do in mine

  9. Hazel says:

    I’m going to do this..looks great.

  10. Jenny says:

    I know this is an old post but where did you find your baskets? ! I have been looking everywhere and i can’t find any like these :/

  11. Jenny says:

    I just read ur post again and saw u said target! I was there today and didn’t see ANY like this! 😐…. maybe ill have to go to a different one or even show them the picture and see what they can do!

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