How to Make a String Light Fixture

DIY String Light Fixture

Now that you’ve seen the string light I made for the baby’s room, and heard all about how I finally landed on the choice, here’s how to make it!

You need a balloon or ball of some sort, keeping in mind the shape that you want the light to be. I used a punching balloon, one of those giant round balloons that come with a rubber band and you punch it. These things used to keep me occupied for hours. I remember my grandma buying these for me and my cousins all the time, and now I think of her every time I see this light and it kind of makes me feel like she’ll be watching over Little H — total unanticipated sentimental bonus. Anyways, you can find these balloons in the party aisle. You also need Mod Podge (I used a whole jar plus a tiny bit of the second one, so I’d get two to be safe) and some sort of string. I used the only navy yarn I could find at Wal Mart.


You’ll need an opening on the bottom of the fixture to allow you to reach in and change the bulb. So blow up your balloon and draw a circle somewhere on it to help you leave an opening. I did it where the little nub is since I didn’t want to put string over that anyways. I traced a glass then realized it was too small and traced a really big coffee mug. Clearly I was sick the day we learned tracing in kindergarten.


Now you’ll need to suspend the balloon from something. I just tied a string around the knot and then around one of the pendant lights in our kitchen. (This is a messy project so if you’re doing this and it’s nice out, you might want to go outside and tie it to a tree branch.)


Now pour your Mod Podge into a container and start covering your string in Mod Podge… I did a little as I went.


Then you just start wrapping the yarn around the balloon randomly. I have zero pictures of this process because I was covered in glue. I just started at the top by the knot and wrapped in different directions, avoiding that circle that I drew on the bottom of the balloon. I just wrapped and wrapped until I ran out of yarn… all the wrapping took about an hour.


Now clean up the mess and let the glue dry for at least 24 hours…. don’t come home tipsy and pop it before your 24 hours are up! It will drip at first, so make sure you leave your drop cloth down while it dries. After a couple hours of staring at it and trying not to touch it, I had Kreig move the balloon to the spare room where I wouldn’t be tempted to pop it.

Once the 24 hours are up and all the string is stiff and dry, find something sharp and pop the balloon! This is the most satisfying feeling in the world!


Once it’s popped, you can just pull the balloon out of the hole that you left to change the bulb.

I was left with a bunch of dried glue in between the string, which was kind of a pain to get rid of. I tried a utility knife and a q-tip, but what worked best was a toothpick… but it still took forever and didn’t get every last bit.


Once we got rid of most of the dried glue pieces, Kreig just strung the pendant cord through the top of the sphere (it worked best right where the knot was in the balloon) and hung the fixture… and voila!


Little H will now be able to stare up at a cool ball of light and crazy shadows every day… I think he’ll love it!


DIY String Light Fixture

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7 thoughts on “How to Make a String Light Fixture

  1. What a great idea. I need a light fixture in a hallway. This will be great. Thanks for the tutorial.

  2. […] if someone else made them I think I would love them. ¬†They definitely work well with the string light, navy curtains, brick wall, and of course the inspiration […]

  3. Hi there,
    I’m excited to let you know that we will be using this great photo and idea from your website in a article about romantic bedroom DIY decorating projects. We will credit you and link back to your website for readers to get the instructions.
    If you do NOT want us to use this photo and idea, please get back to me as soon as possible.
    To get a link to the article, follow me on Twitter (@ellenbird) and I’ll tweet it out when it’s published.
    Thank you so much for your time!
    Ellen Niz Contributor

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  5. mari says:

    Note to self: don’t dry in them Sun, cuz the balloon will pop!!!

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