Livin’ on the Ledge

Okay, these book ledges might be one of my favorite things in the nursery!

And they were the easiest project ever!  Because all I did was show Kreig a picture of what I wanted and one day I just came home to these awesome ledges ready for me to paint!  Because I was completely uninvolved, I won’t even attempt a tutorial (there are a million tutorials for similar ones if you just Google book ledges), but basically Kreig just took a couple boards and ripped them to three different widths and screwed them together, countersinking the screw holes and then filling the holes over the screws once everything was together.


All I did was give them a couple coats of semi-gloss white paint+primer, and Kreig screwed them to the wall.  Add some books and we have this awesome wall of organizational bliss that feels like art but also keeps our books nice and neat, and I love that you can see the covers of the books, which I think will be fun once the little guy is old enough to pick out books to read.


I love that the books are right next to the glider so we can grab them from the chair.


They are pretty much centered on the wall to the right of the door… the angle below gives a better glimpse of the layout.


Like I said, the only role I had in this project was painting them, but Kreig said it only took him about 40 minutes to make!  However, he also said he didn’t really plan out the measurements, he just eyeballed it and cut 4 even pieces of each size strip.  I love how he just makes things happen…  I would spend an hour agonizing over the dimensions and measuring everything a thousand times, but he just grabs the materials and a saw and goes to town!


I pretty much love these little shelves and I can’t wait to sit in the glider and read the baby every book sitting on them a million times!  Only 13 days ’til he’s here! Ahhhh!

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5 thoughts on “Livin’ on the Ledge

  1. Michele says:

    love it!!! They look amazing and I am so very excited for you and your little family. The best to you sweetie1

  2. Pam Hrenko says:

    Now if Mary would just get off her you know what and mail you the last part of your shower gift before that baby comes I would be so happy. So keep your legs crossed!

  3. […] in case you missed them, here’s the book ledges that Kreig […]

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