You’re only a DAY AWAY!

YOU GUYS!!!! I’m having this baby tomorrow!  I’m. Having. This. Baby. Tomorrow.  It is so weird to type that, and half the time I feel like I am still not completely convinced that this big belly of mine is actually a real live baby… but duh, it is, and I get to meet him tomorrow morning!  We have to be at the hospital at 5am for a 7:45 c-section, so I made it a point to get up when Kreig did this morning so I can hopefully be tired enough to fall asleep early tonight, but I’m sure my mind will be swirling like crazy.

My parents are coming to stay tonight and will be here through Sunday (when we’ll hopefully get to come home from the hospital) and my brother and sisters are all planning to come for the day tomorrow, so as weird as it is to have a scheduled birth, I’m just so glad my family (who are 2+ hours away) aren’t going to miss anything!

I keep having these random moments of anxiety… What if the baby isn’t perfectly healthy?  What if something goes wrong? What if there’s some random complication we aren’t expecting?  I’m pretty sure these thoughts are normal, (right?) and they never last long before I remind myself that chances of something crazy happening are so small and unlikely that it’s an absolutely ridiculous waste of time to worry about them.  And plus, even if everything isn’t absolutely perfect, we’ll deal with it as it comes.  I completely trust my doctor and know that we are in good hands, so other than those fleeting crazy moments, I mostly feel more excited than I have ever been in my life… like excited isn’t even the word for it.  I just can’t believe this is really happening.  It’s so crazy how the birth of the baby is such a common thing (I mean, it’s how we all got here!) but it feels so special and unique, like no one else has ever done anything so amazing before… I know it sounds cheesy, but It’s just such a magical thing.  And I haven’t even had him yet… I can’t even fathom how I’ll be feeling 24 hours from now!

Other than my emotions, I feel super prepared.  Bags are packed, the house is clean, all of the baby’s furniture and gadgets are assembled and in their places, and our freezer is even stocked with 13 meals that I’ve made over the last couple months. (Yeah, 13… The perks of being taken out of work!)  Kreig is taking paternity leave starting tomorrow all the way through next Friday, so he’ll be home with me the first week, which I know will be the best thing I could ever hope for.  Then my mom is coming to stay the following week, which is followed by President’s week when Kreig is on break, so I’ll have help for the first 3 weeks home.  How seriously lucky am I? I’m sure life will still be crazy trying to figure out what we’re doing with a newborn, and recovering from a c-section doesn’t happen overnight, but man it feels so good to know that we have done everything possible to be as prepared as we can.

Speaking of prepared, although I haven’t shared every single project detail yet, the nursery is totally ready to go and I thought it seemed fitting to share the tour today.  So here’s the official nursery tour — some you’ve seen, some you haven’t.  I’ll share the DIY details someday, but for now here’s the room that I can’t stop hanging out in for random daydream sessions.

When you walk into the room from the hallway, the closet is immediately on the left.  We removed the doors to create a little changing nook and I love love love love it. It’s such a narrow space that it’s pretty impossible to get a shot of the whole closet, but we installed the and installed the same whitewashed brick paneling that we did on the crib wall and then hung two shelves up high for the canvas bins, and then one bigger shelf down low for the changing pad.



The bins are just cheap ones that you see everywhere, and I added the handles and numbers to class ’em up a little bit.  I have a little key hidden under the changing mat so we know what number bin holds what stuff.


Under the changing shelf we mounted a metal basket for diapers (it’s mounted on 4 hooks, so it’s easy to remove and refill), along with an adorable chevron hamper from good ol’ Wally World, and then the diaper genie and a wipe box that I painted white (yes, I’m crazy) and Kreig screwed to the wall.  And the little step stool was a $3 yard sale find that I made over with some paint and an old shirt because I can’t reach the top shelf of bins without standing on it. Who’s surprised?


Okay so if you’re standing at the changing nook and turn to the right a little bit, here’s that view… basically this is what you see when you first walk in the room:



We made the big H marquee light that hangs over the glider and it’s pretty much my favorite project in the history of ever.  I’ll share a tutorial sometime, but it was relatively easy and cheap and I just think it’s so stinkin’ fun!  Here it is lit…


We also DIYed the little table and I’ll share those details in another post too.  Oh and how perfect is the little blanket that my friend Erin knit for the baby?

And in case you missed them, here’s the book ledges that Kreig made:



And if you’re looking at the books and turn 180°, you see the crib wall.  We installed faux brick paneling, whitewashed it, and hung some cavases that I fingerpainted.




Now if you turn 90° you’re looking at the little dresser that I painted and installed new hardware on.



Oh and what’s that reflecting in the mirror? My DIY string light… the best light fixture in our whole house for sure!



So I think that’s about it for the tour.  I’m sure things will change and evolve along the way, but for now we’re putting a fork in it and calling it done!

I’ll pop in at some point with some pictures of the little guy, I’m not sure when… but your best bet is to follow me on instagram @rheroth because I’m sure I’ll be blowing up everyone’s feed with newborn pictures very soon! :-)

4 thoughts on “You’re only a DAY AWAY!

  1. Jill says:

    I have enjoyed all if your posts over the last 9 months. Your nursery is amazing!!!! Congratulations and get ready for the best years if you life. You will be great parents.

  2. Michele says:

    I’m so excited for you both! Tomorrow will by far be one of the best days of your life. Something I tell all the “soon-to-be” mommies…just before you walk out the door tomorrow morning, stop and look around your home. It will never look the same to you again. It’s almost like you move on to a new “level” and things that looked one way…suddenly look different…different because you will be seeing them the next time, as a Mommy. Congratulations sweetie!

  3. Ginny Kachurak says:

    He’s here!!!! So happy! These posts are so great – and I love reading them & seeing all you have done! Give Harlen a kiss for me!

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